We are soul sisters with a shared passion for experimenting with timeless wellness formulas from raw oils and earthly elements.  As busy moms, we wanted a multi-tasking product to get us out the door quickly, with pure ingredients and a luminous, purpose driven glow.
We created our foundational hero balm and within weeks people were asking if they could buy it (...and if we'd gotten Botox)! Buy it!? BOTOX? We knew we were onto something. Our hobby evolved into an entrepreneurial adventure and Lūssi SKIN was born.
We value our customers and treat them with respect. We believe in transparency with all of our ingredients-and their intentions. We only source effective, essential ingredients that have worked for generations. No filler, just pure hydration.


How does she have zero wrinkles at 93!” I still remember the nurses' fascination with my Italian grandmother’s skin. Her secret? Pure simplicity.
She practiced mindful wellness long before it was a trend.
She used organic fruits, seeds and oils from her garden in her famous cooking and on her skin.
I can still see her luxuriously applying it like it was liquid gold.
With only an eighth grade education, but a brave entrepreneurial spirit, she built a successful business and went from poverty to being the most glamorous person in the room.
A true creative, she always told us, “Crea i tuoi lussi.” Create your own luxuries.
- Michelle